Neptuno’s Cave

Visiting the Neptune’s Caves of Alghero is one of those things that everyone should do at least once in life. Why? Because they are the most famous in the whole island and you have to go and see them with our own eyes to be able to enjoy their beauty and to understand their fascination.

The history of the Caves of Neptune dates back to prehistoric times. Several tracks, belonging to the Neolithic, found within them, suggest that about 2,000,000 years have passed by since their formation. It’s almost certain that the primitive men knew and use them, according to their needs.

The Neptune’s Caves are not only the most famous ones but also the largest ones. They extend for about 4 km, but for safety reasons, visitors can access only to a part of them. Apart from being an important tourist destination welcoming visitors from all over the world, the Caves of Neptune are also a place of great attraction for speleologists, the only ones able to visit its most secret recesses.

They are easy to reach. With our daily connections by boat, departing from the port of Alghero, you will be escorted to the caves and during the trip you can take the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful panorama that the sea and mountain views, on the coast of Alghero, will offer.

The Neptune’s Caves are a natural asset that will leave you completely satisfied and will inspire you to come back. Rely on us to reach them and during the journey get the most of the beauties that the sea coast of Alghero will offer.



Neptuno’s Cave Line

Neptuno’s Cave Line

A recommended stop in a tourist trip to Alghero is definitely the visit to the wonderful Caves of Neptune.

Little Cruise

Little Cruise

An unforgettable journey through the beauties of our coast with great professionalism and a pleasant stay along the way.



“In Search of the Dolphins” is a pleasant excursion into the Gulf of Alghero lasting 1 hour and a half .


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On a beautiful sunny day we decided to complete the visit with a boat trip, which we found the advertisement for while walking in the historic center. We liked it very much. Definitely a pleasant ride and an unmissable view of the city from the sea.

Jacopo Astorri
Jacopo AstorriPavia

If you are one who is looking for experiences when traveling, you will love it.
Antonio was great and you can tell he loves his job.
The caves are very beautiful and the overall experience is outstanding

Flavia Greti
Flavia GretiRoma

Excellent experience along the coast with a visit to the Neptune caves; the staff is qualified and experienced. In particular, the commander also told us about a series of curiosities on the spot. Do it!

Mario Giuno
Mario GiunoPerugia