Alghero, a story that has lasted for 6000 years! There are many populations who have left the sign of their presence in this territory. Phoenicians, Romans, Spaniards have been the ones who have long dominated the city, called “Catalan” because of its history and its strong ties with the Kingdom of Aragon. For this reason and for keeping certain traditions and customs and, in particular, the Catalan language, Alghero is also known as Barceloneta, small Barcelona.

La Rivera del Corallo, where the city stretches, is famous throughout the world to be a major centre of manufacturing and sale of red coral. Since always the trade in coral plays a fundamental role in the city and the whole island.

Alghero has a population of 44,000 inhabitants, number expected to rise during the summer since the Catalan city is one of the most popular destinations able to attract visitors from all over the world. And not only for tourism. The University, the efficient airport, near the centre and, therefore, easily accessible, make it a popular destination among Italian and foreign students.

Its golden beaches and crystal clear waters allow you to enjoy the pleasures of the summer as early as the month of May and until October. For anyone wanting to relax or play, Alghero will be the ideal place to satisfy all the desires and spend a relaxing holiday.

Among the beaches, the most significant ones are the beach of Lazzaretto, Bombarde, Mugoni and Lido. Do not miss the famous promontory of Capo Caccia, a symbol of the city and the famous Caves of Neptune, which constitute a natural heritage of great charm.

To visit and admire the suggestive and incomparable beauty, climb aboard our motorboats … and let the journey begin!